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When the Legends
Rise Again

When the Legends Rise Again


Welcome to our site! We are a German car restoration company specialising in classic Mercedes-Benz models.
Visit our workshop, read the news, check what we are working on and if you like what we are doing, get in touch with us!


About us

Does your heart beat for a classic Mercedes-Benz? Maybe for a 190SL, a Pagoda or another classic vehicle with the Star? Then you have come to the right place!

SL-Classics stands for high quality restorations, maintenance service and care for classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles at world class standard. Perfect precision and the use of original parts where possible guarantee the transformation of your vehicle into a masterpiece of engineering art. Paying attention to all details and carrying out with our distinguished and well-known craftsmanship ensure first-class quality for your vehicle.

Perfection driven by our fascination and passion for Classic Mercedes-Benz!

Made by SL-Classics, Made in Germany.

to the workshop

Welcome to the workshop


We invite you to experience the rebirth of the legendary
Classic Mercedes-Benz cars in our workshop!



The SL-Classics restoration has been our business since 2001 and we have restored some of the best cars in the world. We are specialized in Mercedes-Benz, especially 190 SL and Pagodas.

We are proud to provide our customers with an in house solution for the complete rebuilding of these models. Whether it is a complete nut and bolt so called "frame off" restoration or just minor repairs on your vehicle. We assure you that it will be done to original factory standard by our experts. Only original factory parts (OEM) are used if available, if not we provide high precision reproduction of the necesary parts.

When it comes to our complete nut and bolt so called "frame off" restoration, we are well-known for our philosophy: uncompromising quality - no expense spared!

Do you have a Classic Mercedes-Benz and you have already been thinking for a long time to bring it back to its old glory days? No matter whether Concours level or "frame off" restoration, complete body & paint work or just freshen up of the interior or rebuilding the engine or whatever is your visions you have of your dream car, we at SL-Classics can fullfil every wish with our expert team. We dedicate ourselves with heart to every single car and give it an individual touch.

With expertise, competence and attention to details we will restore your Classic Mercedes to the Mercedes you have always dreamed of!

Please do not hesitate to contact us
- we will be glad to give you a detailed consultation.

The service and care of your classic Mercedes is very essential, to enjoy your vehicle for a lifetime. SL-Classics offers a wide variety of classic vehicle care and services.

Safety First - you would like to take your vehicle out for a nice ride on the first sunny day of spring after a long cold winter? We can conduct general inspection on your vehicle ranging from technical servicing to optical reconditioning.

We are available for any questions about our complete range of care and service offers. So that after our qualified inspection and care service you can feel safe in your freshly reconditioned car on your joy ride. Give us a call!

Have you always dreamed of owning a Classic Mercedes or an other classic vehicle? Let us help you realizing your dream!

We have a variety of restored and unrestored vehicles in stock to choose from. It would be our pleasure to restore one of the vehicles specifically tailored to your desires.

If you have a special vehicle in mind and would like to purchase, please let us know. Our Sales team would gladly assist and advice you with the acquisition - whether from international market place or local, from just around the corner. A classic vehicle is not an everyday purchase, so it is not just a purchase of a vehicle or means of transport but acquiring the ownership of a piece of automotive history, a piece of a cutural historic era and also a long-term asset! The decisions are inspired by passion, fascination, emotions and also perhaps by a childhood dream. We share these values, dreams and visions with our customers. Our expertise combined with passion you can trust.

We are always looking for classic vehicles especially Mercedes-Benz. We buy your Mercedes in any condition! Whether you are considering to sell one car or the entire collection, please contact us. We can assist you in evaluating the car(s). Either we purchase for our own inventory or sell your car(s) on consignment. Thanks to our many years of restoration work and activities in the classic car community we have built an excellent reputation and network. Your matters will be treated with the utmost discretion. With us you are in good hands. Please kindly email us a short description of your car(s) ideally with a few pictures and your price offer:

Do you have a Classic vehicle or inherited one and just want to know the value of the vehicle perhaps for insurance purposes, we can help! We work together with officially approved appraisers specializing in Classic vehicles.

EU Conversion

You bought a classic car from the overseas and needs EU-conversion in order to meet the requirements? We can help. We conduct the conversion to EU-homologation requirements, acquire the TÜV Certificate and also arrange the historical plate "H-Kennzeichen" for you.

About the
SL classics team

About the SL classics team

About the team

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." - said Steve Jobs.
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About the team

Friedel Kück

CEO & Owner of SL-Classics

"Cars and the sound of engines have always fascinated me. I have been restoring and working on different types of cars since I was a teenager. Spending time with my father working in his private small garage is one of my most valuable memories of my childhood. Back then as a kid I was learning by watching my father repairing customers" cars even if it meant for me just handing him the tools. When I was 16 years old I bought with my savings my first projects - a NSU Super Max and a Karmann Ghia Coupe and started to restore them. My passion has always been a Mercedes 190SL. But for a teenager it was more like a dream car which was unreachable. Today, after decades long continously pursuing my dream, i am proud to call myself a lucky man who lives his dream and turned his passion into his profession."


Master of the engines, transmissions & Co.

Ronny has more than 30 years experience in working on engines, transmissions and everything relating to mechanics. There is almost nothing he does not know about engines. He feels the most comfortable and at home when he is surrounded by cars and engines. As you can see in the true sense of the word.

Marco C.

Master of perfection - living up to the maxim "the best or nothing"

The passion for engines and mechanics probably runs in the family. Working side by side with his father Ronny building the perfect team to master the engines and mechanics in every condition! Restoring and working on engines are for him rather designation than just a profession. His philosophy of life is quality, quality! Rather do it once perfectly than ten times over and over again. Every project is a new challenge and he loves challenges. The goal is reached when the customer is happy and satisfied with his restored vehicle.


The professor - There is no such thing as impossible!

He is the "MacGyver" in our team. Sometimes we encounter difficulties to locate rare and no longer available parts. There is no other choice for us than to restore the orignal part and make it work again. Then he is our man for the impossible thing. He works and researches relentlessly until a satisfactory solution is found. Giving up is not an option and nothing is impossible!


Perfectionist for details! Saddler's work was yesterday...

He is our man with the delicate hands and is in charge for the interior of the vehicles. "Dressing up" the vehicles with high quality soft leather and shiny chrome parts is his world. He gives every vehicle the unique and perfect classy look at the end of the restoration.


Our man for the rough & tough work - we need that, too!

Before our classic vehicles are ready to shine there is a lot of work ahead of us. Some of the vehicles spent decades in a storage and have not been touched or driven in that time. Once the hand-picked classic car for restoration arrives our workshop Rokan disassembles it and prepares the body for the next restoration procedure. No metal sheet is impossible for him to tame!

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